WinI2C-DDC Lite 2.41

WinI2C-DDC Lite 2.41

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WinI2C/DDC is a powerful solution that allows you to control display devices in the Windows environment via the DDC/CI protocol. It allows you to send DDC/CI commands via the standard video cable (VGA or DVI) and control all display devices that support the DDC/CI protocol: CRT/LCD monitors, projectors, plasma panels, etc.
WinI2C/DDC is the fastest and cost-effective way to create such software as color calibration solutions or OSD replacement utilities. The WinI2C/DDC library can be very useful in a lot of projects, for example, it can be integrated into any asset management software for providing all necessary information about installed display devices.
WinI2C/DDC can also be used for In System Programming (ISP) via VGA/DVI, for example, by OEM monitor manufacturers for updating the firmware of their monitors.
The WinI2C/DDC API allows you to perform all necessary operations with display devices:

- Enumerate all installed monitors.
- Get DDC/CI monitor capabilities.
- Read EDID (extended display identification data) directly from the monitor. EDID contains basic information about the monitor and its capabilities, including vendor information, maximum image size, color characteristics, factory preset timings, frequency range limits, and character strings for the monitor name and serial number.
- Read and change such monitor settings as brightness, contrast, screen position, size, color gain, etc.
- Execute any commands that the display device supports via DDC/CI.
- A wide set of advanced operations, for example, changing EDID or display's firmware.


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